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ISIS AED (Automatic External Defibrillator )
The Automated External Defibrillator (AED) ISIS, using its Neural Network Technology is capable of assessing, through sophisticated sensors, the patient's condition, considering the clinical
variables and automatically applying the most adequate shock therapy. That allows an individual
with basic training to assist a victim with cardiac arrest, facilitating and enhancing thepossibilities of salvation.
Operation with just one button
Artificial intelligence:
Accurate diagnosis of the patient's conditions, indicating or not application of shock and hindering accidental use

Minimum of 200 shocks (200 Joules, full load, battery under good conditions). 
Direction by voice and light indicators. 
Record of events for further analysis. 
PC connection by USB
Biphasic Shock. 
Self-diagnosis of functions and battery
Connection, download and data management software by PC.
Easy access to pads for use and replacement
22.0 cm/8.66 in (W).
13.0 cm/5.11 in (D).
29.0 cm/11.41 in (H).
Device : 2.90 Kg/6.39 lb.
Internal Battery:
Type: Li-ion, 14.4 VDC 4.0 A/h.
Duration: 10 hours in cardiac rhythm recognition mode (full load battery) or at least 200 shocks in 200 Joules (battery under good conditions).
Battery full load time (fully unloaded): 5 hours.
Battery loader source:
Power supply 100 - 240V/50-60Hz.
Consumption (max.): Power supply 1 A.
Output: 24 VDC, 1.5 A.
Battery storage:
Battery storage for long periods under temperatures above 35ºC will reduce the battery's capacity and abbreviate its useful life.
Preset defibrillation scales:
Adult: 1st shock 150 J, subsequent shocks 200 J.
Child: 50 J.
Internal memory storage:
100 events or 2 hours of ECG record.
Internal Energized Equipment.
CF Type.
Mode of operation:
Continuous Operation.
Maximum time since beginning of rhythm analysis until promptness for discharge:
20 s.
Maximum time since beginning of the operation until promptness for discharge
at the maximum energy:
25 s.
Wave form:
Exponencial truncada bifásica. Wave form parameters set according to the patient's impedance
Shock application:
By multifunctional adhesive pads.
Front Panel button (on/off).
Defibrillation scales:
Adult: 150 and 200 J.
Child: 50 J.
Adult/Child Selection:
Automatic by the type of pads.
Charge command:
Automatic after identifying arrhythmias that should receive shock.
Shock command:
Front Panel button, when blinking
Maximum time between beginning of rhythm analysis and promptness for discharge:
20 s.
Pads size:
Adult = area: 82 cm2 / 12.71 in2.
Child = area: 30 cm2 / 4.65 in2.
Maximum output voltage:
1500 V.
Maximum output current:
60 A (25 ohms).